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Yorkanis & White, Inc. is a full service Land Surveying company which performs location retracement surveys for title transfer, forensic surveying, topographical surveys, location of New Jersey State Claims lines, Riparian Mean High Water, elevation establishment, subdivisions, Wetlands delineation survey and mapping, environmental well locations and mapping, detail strip mapping for engineering design, construction layout, steel column layout and verification and most other Surveying services for construction, engineering or mapping needs.

Yorkanis & White, Inc. strive to use the latest technology in surveying equipment and software such as the utilization of Global Positioning Equipment (GPS). We are capable of using static, rapid static and real time kinematic (RTK) for projects. We presently utilize Leica First Order Surveying Instruments (One Second Electronic Theodolite equipped with an Electronic Distance Meter) and we collect our field data electronically using data collection software, which allows for fast data collection.  Using this equipment allows us to achieve a high degree of accuracy and in the course of doing construction layout; it becomes a simple task to check a proposed design position against its field stakeout position at the time of layout.  Our first order instruments are also calibrated annually on a NGS certified baseline set up for these purposes. 

As forensic surveyors, Yorkanis & White, Inc. assist title insurance companies and attorneys as a third party surveyor in verifying and/or identifying discrepancies between surveys of record in a boundary dispute.

One of our Licensed Land Surveyors will be happy to assist you in every step of your surveying needs.

Yorkanis & White, Inc.
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